About Us

Welcome to Eldergarden Adult Day Care!

Eldergarden provides

…a rewarding experience for seniors

                                          …peace of mind for families

                                              …extended independence

Eldergarden enables adults who cannot live alone without various supports to participate in stimulating, interesting, and supervised activities at our center during daytime hours, while remaining in their own homes at night and weekends.  Individuals may attend a few days a month to five days a week.  This invaluable service helps the individual avoid nursing home placement.  It also increases the well being of the participant and allows them and their family caregiver needed time apart.  The break for their family caregiver is an important part of the benefit that Eldergarden’s services provide. 

“My mother was loved and treated with the utmost respect every day she was there.  Thank you for all you do for our seniors.  I will sing your praises to everyone I meet.”

~P. Davis

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